Costume Shop

The Fort Atkinson Community Theatre (FACT) maintains a collection of costumes for its own use, as well as public rentals. Costume Rentals: Costumes are available for rental through the Fort Atkinson Community Theatre (FACT). The cost for costume rental as well as a security deposit must be paid before costumes are removed from FACT's costume storage facility. The security deposit will be returned to the borrower if costumes are returned by the agreed upon date, cleaned and in good condition. Costumes will be returned to FACT's costume storage facility, unless other arrangements are made. View rental agreement

Rental costs: Costume rentals are FREE for FACT members (join Now) and school use for Fort Atkinson High School. Rentals for others are $10 per outfit (including accessories, if desired), with a maximum rental cost of $100. Each costume rental will also require a $10 total deposit per costume. (Deposits can be waived for organizations.)

Costume storage facility location: Our costume storage facility is located at 770 Madison Avenue in Fort Atkinson, on the back side of the Crimson Salon & Spa/ US Cellular building (use the Fort Community Credit Union parking lot). Access is by appointment only.

For costume rentals, please contact our Costume Coordinator